Mold Removal

Mold damage is often a consequence of water damage and high levels of humidity. Technically, mold is the generic name for a range of fungi that cause organic matter to decay (including drywall, wood, upholstery or carpeting)

In early all cases, visible discoloration and a musty odor are the signs of mold. As mold continues to thrive in consistently wet conditions, it is vital to control excess water and moisture from your Woodland Hills property as soon as possible. This is especially important because mold can be hazardous to your health and because it can start to grow in less than 48 hours after moisture exposure. Some of the consequences of mold exposure include allergic response and in some cases, serious respiratory or nerve damage in those most vulnerable, including small children, pregnant women, the elderly or immune system compromised individuals. (818) 975-3266

Industry Leading Technicians

When you’re facing damage from mold, you should seek professional help from qualified technicians with proper training. All Woodland Hills team members are certified, trained and experienced in water and mold removal services as well as being company hired and insured. At Woodland Hills Emergency Flood Team,  our IICRC trained units respond quickly to minimize the risk of further damage. As per industry guidelines, we’ll carry out a full evaluation of your mold and water damage situation to minimize the cost to you and maximize the effectiveness of our industry leading mold remediation techniques. Our water and mold damage technicians will arrive on your site within 60 minutes of the initial call.

We first pump out any freestanding water and then extract water from the carpet, padding and upholstery using high flow commercial blower. Occasionally, the carpet and padding will be removed and then cleaned, dried and reinstalled based on standard protocol for carpet cleaning. Any hidden moisture problems are identified using special tools called hygrometers and infrared optics for inner wall moisture.

We carry out a thorough sterilization regime to minimize the possibility of secondary damage from microbial growth later down the road. Finally, we implement careful dehumidification of the premises to ensure complete dryness beneath the surface.

Immediate Woodland Hills Service

Mold can cause serious difficulties, especially when accompanied by water damage. That’s why it’s key you contact a professional to get the problem under control early! Don’t suffer the symptoms of mold infestation when you can breathe easy in a clean environment! Call Woodland Hills Emergency Flood Team for mold remediation consultation or 24/7 emergency service today! (818) 975-3266